Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Michigan's Rich Rodriquez in Limbo

As of Wednesday morning, Michigan coach Rich Rodriquez’s head is still on the chopping block.

The word on his fate is supposedly coming down later today in Ann Arbor.

Media reports yesterday said he was fired. Michigan denied the rumors.

So this is developing into a soap opera. What is Michigan actually doing? Are they working out the severance package with Rodriquez’s lawyer? Are they waiting for Jim Harbaugh to say yes to a coaching offer? Do they have someone else in mind to take the job immediately after the Rodriquez clearance?

A national sports guy said that Michigan would do Rodriquez a favor by firing him because of the constant speculation.

Rodriquez and Michigan were a terrible marriage. According to rumors, he was Michigan’s third or fourth choice. It played like a third or fourth choice.

Michigan is Michigan. It doesn’t do the spread offense. The Wolverines run the football and mix in the pass. They play solid defense. They play old style Big Ten football.

Rodriquez will be fine. He will find another coaching job and resume his success.

On the other hand, Michigan is a troubled place. The Wolverines need some counseling and probably a Michigan guy. At least then, we will recognize the style of football in Ann Arbor.

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