Saturday, February 5, 2011

North Carolina State's Sidney Lowe in Trouble

Sidney Lowe will probably not return as North Carolina State’s coach next season unless his team performs a miracle.

The Wolfpack could start tonight with a road win over Duke. That would shock the basketball world and the NC State faithful. I would say the chances are between zero and none

Frankly, there are little signs of life in this basketball team and the program under Lowe.

Lowe helped the Wolfpack to a national championship as a player, but as a coach he has never led a championship effort. Lowe’s team is a flat 12-10 this season and only 2-6 in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Lowe’s overall mark is only 83-72 and a very poor 22-50 ACC mark. NC State has never gone to the NCAA tournament under Lowe. The Wolfpack has settled for two National Invitational Tournament (NIT) appearances.

Some experts said NC had a top-10 recruiting class last season. But the results on the floor are about the same. The players seem listless and the coach must take responsibility for it.

NC State was hoping for a Cinderella story, but unfortunately this isn’t working out. Lowe knows it. The fans know it. The administration must know it.

Wolfpack fans want to play for championships. They don’t want to play in the NIT.

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