Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tony Bennett the Basketball Coach

There are two famous Tony Bennetts in the United States, but this is a piece about the less famous Bennett.

Most people have heard about the singer Tony Bennett. But there is also another Bennett laboring as head coach at the University of Virginia.

The basketball Bennett is having a tough season. In year two of his tenure at Virginia, Bennett’s team is just 12-12 and 3-7 in the Atlantic Coast Conference. In all fairness, Virginia lacks bodies (injuries) and talent. In the ACC, you need talent or you go to the bottom of the league. It’s basically Duke and North Carolina on a yearly basis. Oh sure, there are exceptions with the likes of Georgia Tech, Maryland etc. occasionally, but this is generally a two-team league.

Bennett is a good coach. He did it at Washington State. He is building a basketball family at Virginia. Bennett needs time and better players. He needs patience from the administration and fans. This obviously will not be a quick fix. Will he be able to compete in a Duke-North Carolina dominated league? We wait for that answer.

I am a huge Tony Bennett supporter. I met the guy when he was playing professional basketball in New Zealand. I was impressed with his genuineness and humility. Word has it he is the same guy today.

Bennett will not failure due to lack of effort or love and care for his players. The guy is a winner no matter what happens.

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