Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Coaching Soap Opera

This is the season for plenty of college basketball coaching news. Who has been fired? Who has been hired? Where will a hot NCAA tournament coach end up?

The Internet has fueled the speculation to soap opera proportions. How often have you read the word, ‘report’ or ‘source’ when it comes to a college coach?

Well, my neighbor to the south, Missouri, is looking for a coach due to Mike Anderson leaving for Arkansas. Internet reports on a St. Louis website are documenting the search.

I have been following the progress since I go to the site daily for my St. Louis Cardinals baseball fix. It’s difficult not to read the stuff.

Purdue’s Matt Painter and the Tigers are dating. They had a meeting yesterday in Florida. The website provided not one, but two updates yesterday. Apparently, Painter will announce his decision today (Wednesday).

This story interests me because of Painter’s interest. Here is a Purdue graduate having solid success at his school. Obviously, I don’t know the entire situation, but it seems like a lateral move from Purdue to Missouri. Sounds like Painter thinks the resources are better at Missouri.

And due to the Internet, many Missouri fans will probably become disappointed if Painter stays at Purdue. And then the speculation for another coach will develop and grow.

You gotta love it.

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