Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Messy Divorce

Divorce can become messy and the situation at North Carolina State definitely falls into that category.

The Pack announced last week that it was releasing quarterback Russell Wilson from his scholarship. Wilson’s reaction revealed major disappointment in the decision. He said he simply wanted to compete for the starting job again this upcoming season.

Wilson started for three years in Raleigh. He was selected to the ACC first team last season. I have written often about being a big Russell Wilson fan. The guy is electric. The player is never over with the ball in his hands. He can beat you with his feet; he can beat you with his arm. The guy can flat out play.

But North Carolina State coach Tom O’Brien didn’t appreciate Wilson dabbling with baseball when he should have been on football practice field. Wilson has played in the Colorado Rockies system the last two years which kept him from spring football practice.

It doesn’t appear that Wilson’s future is in baseball. He is probably a marginal prospect at best hitting around .230. So Wilson is probably best served putting more energy into football.

O’Brien simply got tired of working on Wilson’s schedule. He recruited a top-notch quarterback in Mike Glennon a while back and he wants to see what the redshirt junior brings.

O’Brien is taking a huge risk. He’s willing to count on an untested player over a solid veteran. Sure, he hopes to get two years instead of one (with Wilson) at the quarterback position, but don’t you take the sure thing?

O’Brien may be trying to prove that he is in charge of the program and not Wilson. If that’s the case, it’s too bad. There really is no need for this divorce.

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