Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sorry Commissioner

I don’t know why Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delaney thinks he needs to promote the newest member of the conference—Nebraska—but I guess he does.

Delaney called the Huskers yesterday the “Green Bay Packers of the Big Ten.” If you’re ready to laugh now, go ahead. If you are thinking about throwing stones, please don’t.

I guess Delaney thought the Packer reference was a good comparison. But sorry, Jim, Green Bay is in a class of itself.

If I was Michigan, Ohio State or some other so called Big Ten heavyweight, I would feel offended. Nebraska’s only Big Ten claim to fame is being the conference’s 12th member. No touchdown passes have been thrown, no games won and no titles seized.

Delaney is obviously thrilled that Nebraska joined the conference. But the Huskers can stand on their own feet. They have the tradition (in football), the conference championships and the national titles. The Huskers will do fine in the Big Ten. The operative word is “will.” not have.

As far as being like the Packers, I’m sorry, Jim. Smaller market, only game in town, I get that. But programs are measured in championships and the Huskers haven’t won one lately.

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