Monday, October 24, 2011

St. Louis Cardinals' John Jay is Former Miami Star

Last week, I was already to blog on John Jay and Ryan Braun playing on the same college baseball team at the University of Miami. Then my computer became very sick. It spent time in the computer hospital and I didn’t get it back until late Friday.

So needless-to-say, I am playing catch-up including my blogs.

Because I follow the Cardinals closely, I knew Jay was a Miami alum. I didn’t know Braun, the Milwaukee Brewers’ star, played there too and at the same time as Jay.

College baseball continues to supply players to the big leagues. Miami is one of the better college programs in the country.

Jay has had an interesting year with St. Louis. He began as the Cardinals’ fourth outfielder, but when they traded Coby Rasmus near deadline, Jay became the starting centerfielder. He played a solid defensive game and hit in the .290 range.

Jay continues to play solid defense in the postseason. His hitting in the World Series has been a struggle. He is barely battling .100 and generally fails to make solid contact.

The Cardinals need Jay to breakout of his slump in this series. He is one of the table setters and he enables the run producer’s better opportunities when on base. Let’s hope he warms up. He has the talent; he just needs to deliver it.

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