Monday, October 31, 2011

Strange Saturday for Iowa's Big Two Football Teams

Talk about getting blindsided with the results of the Iowa and Iowa State games. Wow.

On paper, the Hawkeyes should have owned Minnesota. Then, they played the game. The result was the Gophers doubled their victory total to two. Iowa choked a lead in the fourth quarter and lost 22-21. The Hawkeyes couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. Minnesota, if truth was told, probably couldn’t believe it. It made the Gophers season.

Now, Iowa must regroup before facing the Michigans---Michigan and Michigan State. Those games now will scare any rabid Hawkeye fan.

Iowa State played Texas Tech last Saturday. The Red Raiders were coming off a stunning upset of Oklahoma the week before. I thought Texas Tech might be a little flat and the Cyclones could give the Red Raiders a competitive game. But it turns out Texas Tech was REALLY flat.

Iowa State mirrored a struggling team entering the game. The Cyclone had lost four straight and looked real bad during the streak.

Well, Iowa State found itself a quarterback. Redshirt freshman Jared Barnett started his first game and ran the show brilliantly. Iowa State pounded Texas Tech 41-7.

I figured Tech would win in a fairly close game. The only time the Red Raiders were in the game was at 0-0. Good figure.

The old saying came true in Iowa last Saturday: “On any given Saturday, any team can beat someone else.” That is one factor that makes college football a great game.

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