Monday, October 10, 2011

Wrong About Penn State and Iowa

It was pretty ugly in Happy Valley Saturday. I mean, who tuned in to watch a 13-3 ballgame? I certainly wasn’t predicting a low score game if you recall my Friday blog.

But the game was frankly boring. Both teams combined for three field goals and one touchdown. Penn State had a total of two field goals to Iowa’s one for a 6-3 halftime lead. The Lions tallied the lone touchdown in the second half.

This was Big Ten Conference football from many years ago. Bo and Woody would have probably enjoyed it. The spread offense has actually appeared in the conference but not on this day. Oh for those 34-27 games.

But I’m sure Joe Paterno didn’t complain. He was 1-8 against Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz before Saturday’s game. At JoePa’s age, a win is a win.

What happened to Iowa’s offense? The Hawkeyes had been scoring plenty of points. But their Saturday performance was dismal.

Penn State is probably not as bad as I thought. Iowa’s young team definitely took a couple steps backward.

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