Friday, November 18, 2011

Missouri's Gary Pinkel Case a Sad Reminder

Missouri football coach Gary Pinkel was arrested this week on a drunken driving charge. The Tigers’ head man will serve a one-game suspension and have his salary frozen.

Apparently, Pinkel has been a man of high standards in more than a decade as Missouri’s coach but slipped up big time on this occasion. It’s sad because leaders are called to a higher standard and yes leaders are human beings too.

The rub in this case is the offense involved alcohol. Coaches are always preaching to their players about the dangers of this beverage. Players who are caught in unfavorable circumstances with alcohol are usually punished greatly. But can Pinkel continue to talk about the dangers of alcohol and still have creditability with his players on the subject? Or maybe Pinkel can have a larger influence on the subject because he has gone down that bad path.

Hopefully, Pinkel has learned from his experience and can become a better leader of his football team. His jury of 18-22-year-olds will be watching their coach closely.

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