Friday, December 2, 2011

Congratulations Mike Leach

It was only a matter of time before Mike Leach would return to the college coaching ranks. And I say congratulations.

Leach was named head football coach at Washington State this week. He had been away from the coach sidelines for a couple years after getting fired at Texas Tech. He led the Red Raiders to a bowl game every season he was there (I believe 10), but fell out of favor with the administration over an incident with the son of ESPN commentator Craig James. Leach was accused of ordering James’ son locked up in equipment shed.

But I ‘m glad Leach can leave that behind now and concentrate on coaching football. Hopefully, the guy will put Washington State on the football map.

Leach is a sportswriter’s dream. He is a quote machine. He’s smart. He’s entertaining. He coaches entertaining offensive football. It’s tough to not enjoy covering Leach’s teams.

The coach will fit in nicely with the pass-happy Pac-12 teams. He loves to spread the field and put up wild offense numbers Leach loves those 55-47 games. Isn’t the objective of football scoring the most points?

I believe Leach will win at Washington State. He might even throw in a quote of two from Winston Churchill for good measure.

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