Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The BCS Title Game

I must admit I watched more of the Alabama-LSU BCS title game than I planned on doing. I really had little interest in the game, but hey, it was a championship game.

I probably watch a half quarter and I saw two field goals. It was beyond exciting, ha. Congratulations to Alabama for winning the championship. Congratulations to Alabama for finally scoring the only touchdown in two games with LSU this season.

Hopefully the TV ratings for this one were dismal. Frankly, I don’t want to see any more SEC championship games playing out as BCS championship games. I’m tired of the SEC. I don’t care if people think the league is the best in the land.

College teams should not play each other twice in the same season. People say the NFL does it. But this is the NCAA, not the NFL. College football just has a different feel to it. Even though it is basically a business, it still has a purer feel (than the NFL).

College football wants fresh teams. LSU probably wanted to play a different team last night. The Tigers had already beaten the Tide once and what did they really have to prove?

The good news is change may be on the horizon. There is a meeting this week to talk about possible tweaks to the system. I say hallelujah!

Nothing against Alabama’s Nick Sabin or LSU’s Les Miles, but can we please see a couple fresh faces on the sidelines next year in the final game.


Paul Sapp said...

Time for an eight team playoff. You can still have your Bowl games etc. However there are already way too many Bowl games. If you can't win at least 8 games in a season or are not one of the top three teams in your conference, you shouldn't make a Bowl game. Too many of these games are poorly attended with no real interest nationally.

Paul Delger said...

The bowls will never go away because of the money factor. If they could drop a few of them and incorporate the rest into a true national champion search that would be great. Who cares if the season lasts longer? With all the BCS games the season is already too long.