Friday, January 6, 2012

The Bowl Finish Line

We are almost to the end of the college football bowl season. There are only three games left—all this weekend.

As usual it has been a long grind. Of course you can thank the BCS (Bowl Championship Series). The powers-to-be insist each of those games be played separately from any other bowl game. Frankly, it just extends an already too lengthy bowl season.

I don’t pay much attention to bowl games after New Year’s Day. This year it was Jan. 2 because New Year’s Day was on a Sunday. I’m old fashion and want to get the college football season out of my system on New Year’s Day. What’s the holiday for anyway? College football wrapped up of course.

These BCS games, including the national championship game between LSU and Alabama, feels weird. Doesn’t the season seem unofficially over? It’s similar to buying a box of heart-shaped chocolates on Feb. 15 instead of Valentine’s Day.

Oh well, there is plenty of college basketball to keep me company. I’ll watch that while some of you tune into the Bowl.

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