Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Getting Off the Road

Tomorrow, Feb. 1, is national signing day. Football recruits will officially declare with the stroke of a pen which school they will attend.

You think the political season lasts a long time? There are numerous college coaches across the country that would say football recruiting season is a close second. But the end is soon and the coaches must be prepared.

I’m sure they are many coaches offering their final pitches to various recruits. The time is short and the vote will be casted. Does it remind you of an election? College coaches are asking recruiting to vote for their school.

Some say recruiting is almost as important as playing actual games in the fall. That’s why coaches hit the trail almost as hard as politicians logging many miles and giving lots of speeches.

Tomorrow there will be plenty of weary assistant coaches. They will be glad to sleep in their own beds, eat some decent food and love on their families.

And do you blame them if they don’t want to go near a car or airplane for a long, long time?

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