Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's the Problem at Iowa?

Another player is leaving the Iowa football program. That in itself is not surprising, but the surprising thing is it becomes the sixth scholarship running back to depart in the last two years.

These players aren’t fifth string, folks, they are talented. Marcus Coker is the latest to pack his bags and leave Iowa City. Coker rushed for 1,384 yards last season. He was also MVP of the Insight Bowl in 2010.

Three of the guys got in trouble with the team, one wanted to be closer to home, another had battled injuries and just wanted to leave and the other left allegedly for family matters.

While the help wanted sign at Iowa for running backs is definitely circulating, would you want to go to school there with the recent problems? Opposing coaches must like this. Imagine all the dirt they are putting on Iowa with their sales pitches.

It’s difficult to determine what’s happening at Iowa. Is this just a string of bad fortune with the recruiting or is there a problem inside the program?

Iowa football coach Kirk Ferentz seems like a good guy. But he has had his share of problems with player issues. He should clean this up quickly. Iowa has had mediocre teams the last couple seasons which doesn’t lend itself to tolerance with repeated mistakes with the squad.

This stuff keeps happening and Ferentz might be free to pursue that much rumored job in the NFL.

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