Friday, February 17, 2012

BracketBusters' Weekend Anyone?

Back in the day, ESPN had this idea to showcase college basketball’s mid-major teams. ESPN would televise games between some of the top smaller Division I schools (and conferences) in a midseason matchup in February.

This was a win-win situation for the schools. Not only would the school receive national television exposure, but with a win, the NCAA tournament selection committee might give the schools more attention for a postseason bid.

Well, like many things in life, the event grew bigger. It also has lost much of the luster of the early years.

The event now features about 70 games. Many of the teams playing in it have losing records. They couldn’t even quality for a church-league tournament let alone a NCAA one.

It may be time to repair the system or retire the thing gracefully. If ESPN wants to continue the affair, I think it should go back to focusing on top teams and fewer games. But if they wish to discontinue it, I am fine with that too. I question whether a win in this event really helps a mid-major team in its quest for the NCAA tournament. There are so many factors put into play these days for a bid, I serious doubt a Bracketbuster win carries much weigh.

That said, I’ll probably tune in tonight for a little Northern Iowa-Virginia Commonwealth on ESPN 2. VCU is an NCAA darling after its run to the NCAA Four last season.


paul said...

What a snarky, dare I say almost arrogant comment. Can't beat a church league team. Come on Paul you attended an NAIA Div II school for heavens sake, and your going to talk down to some mid major NCAA schools. It seems like you are spending a little too much time in the Big 12, Big 10 and ACC. Just for the record what was the last Mid major to actually have some success in the Big Dance? Oh yeah it was Butler, the last two years.
Come off your high horse and remember what it's like to attend a small school that wants a little recognition. remember SDSU has beat both of your Big schools in Iowa in the last couple years. Remember your roots Paul, it's small town America, and we all appreciate some recognition for playing hard in a smaller arena.

Paul Delger said...

Hey, thanks for writing. Always glad to help people get something off their chest. I acually gave your favorite mid major team some love. I actually don't have anything against the mid majors other than this BracketBuster thing. Did you hear that one national basketball guy wants to get rid of the automatic qualifiers for the tourney? That would kill mid-majors.

paul said...

That was love? I don't recall reading any love there.
As far as some national guy saying that, he probably attended a big conference school too. You and I didn't, which is why I found your comments out of line.