Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What about Rivalries?

Yesterday, I wrote about conference realignment which begs another interesting question. What happens to long-standing conference rivalries once a school leaves for greener pastures?

The short answer is rivalries go bye-bye.

I have heard departing teams show interest in continuing their rivalries with selected former conference brethren. But I have heard little from the remaining conference members wanting to continue the competition.

Maybe someday these remaining conference schools will change their mind and agree to play, but for now the bad blood prevents any such agreement.

I think one coach summed it up quite correctly. Playing a departing school is like when a marriage ends in divorce and the husband wants to come back and date his former wife.

As I have mentioned before, I live in Big 12 Conference country. In this league, two of the longest rivalries in college sports will end when Missouri and Texas A&M leaving for the Southeastern (SEC) Conference. Missouri and Kansas have faced each other since almost the beginning of dirt. It is the same for Texas and Texas A&M.

It’s sad that these rivalries are nearing an end. But that’s what happens when the family breaks up in any kind of divorce even sports. I guess we will just have to learn how to cope.

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