Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Best Part of the NCAA Tournament

I absolutely love the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA tournament. So, today and tomorrow is my time.

You have 32 games over two days. If you are hearty enough, you can watch basketball basically from 11 a.m. (Iowa time) to midnight both days. These are when the upsets are the most meaningful. You have definite low seeds defeating highly seeds. Cinderella actually develops names. You have big-names schools going home wondering how they just got beat.

Everybody’s wondering who will be this year’s Butler or VCU. Wait, it might be VCU again. The Rams are back in the tournament.

I will focus on two games tonight: Baylor-South Dakota State and Iowa State-UCONN. They should be good games. And if the team I cheer for gets behind (even a large margin), I’ll remember anything is possible. Just ask Iona losing to BYU the other night after holding a 25-point lead.

Enjoy the basketball folks.

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