Friday, March 16, 2012

Iowa State Gains More Respect

Iowa State knocked the defending national champion UCONN out of the NCAA tournament last night 77-64.

Nationally, most people were surprised. Nationally, not many people know about this Iowa State basketball team. People do know that Fred Hoiberg came back to coach his alma mater and it’s a good story.

But maybe people will realize Iowa State can play basketball. Was last night’s game an upset? Not really. The Cyclones were the No. 8 seed; Huskies were No. 9. But maybe it’s my Midwestern up bringing, but I sensed East Coast bias.

How could UCONN even in a down year for the Huskies lose to Iowa State? Doesn’t UCONN have better players? Iowa State who?

Iowa State landed a punch early and UCONN never recovered. The funny thing was after the game the UCONN bunch was surprised. Maybe the Huskies should have been embarrassed because they were clearly outplayed.

Iowa State placed four starters in double figures. Chris Allen, the NCAA veteran, led the Cyclones with 20 points.

The Cyclones feed off center Royce White and the three point shot. Both were clicking Thursday night. Game over for UCONN.

Iowa State plays No. 1 Kentucky in the next round. The Wildcats took notice of Iowa State’s abilities. The Cyclones are playing like a team that doesn’t want to go home. Even if the next opponent is a major favorite to win the entire tournament.

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