Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kentucky: Men Against Boys

I have only watched Kentucky play a couple times this season and that has been in the NCAA tournament. This team looks like men. The Wildcats’ opponents look like boys.

Kentucky has obviously talented players. The Cats play as team. They can score from the inside and the outside. They smother you with their defense. They have few holes in their armor.

Can Kentucky be beaten in the Final Four? I see only two ways. First, if the Cats get in foul trouble. They only play about seven players. If the whistles become numerous, Kentucky’s opponent will have a chance. The second way to beat Kentucky is internal. The Cats bow to the intense pressure that they win the title. Kentucky is a huge favorite. Can they withstand the pressure?

TV commentator Charles Barkley says that Kentucky could compete with some NBA teams. I agree. It helps that most of the Cats top players do go to the NBA and early. They are a type of farm club for the NBA.

As one writer said, anything less than a Kentucky national title this season will seem like a failure in the Bluegrass State.

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