Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bobby Petrino's Family

Former Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino made his own bed. He was fired this week for lying about a relationship with a staff member.

He will dust himself off eventually and probably land himself another coaching job somewhere. Or he might just become a long-term insurance salesman. The bottom line is Petrino has character issues.

But the victims in this mess are Petrino’s wife and four children. They are the recipients of a husband and father who betrayed their trust. Trust can be lost in moments and then it can take years to regain it.

There has been plenty of men in sports and all walks of life that have cheated on their wives. Bad choices often result in bad consequences. Unfortunately, Petrino’s wife and children now walk the road.

It’s really sad. This game has no winners, only losers.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, another victim is involved, the young woman he was in the relationship with---definately a power imbalance between a high profile coach and a young intern turned employee--can we say "star-struck." Not condoning dating married men but he was in a position of power--and "older,famous, not wiser unforunately."