Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bobby Petrino's Situation

The Bobby Petrino story will not go away.

You can still read plenty of stuff about the former Arkansas football coach and his mistress. It continues to be really sad.

I said in my previous blog that Petrino would eventually dust himself off and probably land another job. If Petrino wants another coaching job, he will find one. Some program will hire him for his success on the football field not his lack off it.

But I think Petrino needs to take a hard look into the mirror before he jumps back into coaching. Petrino struggles with integrity and he should give his best effort to repair it.

Obviously, he needs to start with his family. Then he needs to continue with others. Trust is a wonderful thing. Lack of trust is a terrible thing. Petrino is pretty low on the integrity and trust scales these days. But I think it can be repaired with lots of effort.

Petrino should go after integrity and trust the way he prepared for a game against an opponent: hard work, long hours and leaving no stone unturned.

People are watching. Petrino has another choice. Hopefully, he will make a better one this time around.

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