Thursday, April 26, 2012

John L. Smith and Arkansas

Longtime football coach John L. Smith was introduced as the one-year interim coach at Arkansas this week. Smith takes over for Bobby Petrino who was fired for integrity issues involving a motorcycle accident and cover-up of a relationship with one of his staff members.
Smith and Petrino have coached together at various places. Smith was on Petrino’s staff at Arkansas until taking the head job at Weber State after the 2011 season.

But here is the rub: Smith never coached one down in his new position. Weber State wasn’t just any job for Smith. The Utah school is his alumni mater.

Yet, even though he made a commitment to Weber State, Smith dropped the football and jumped at the opportunity to return to Arkansas.

Smith can make all the excuses he wants to about the special situation at Arkansas, but he divorced his alumni literally after weeks on the job.

Petrino has integrity issues. Smith has them too. Two wrongs do not make a right. You should feel really bad for Weber State. The school is the definite victim in this weird mess involving Arkansas.

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