Monday, April 16, 2012

Missouri Tiger's New Look

Missouri unveiled its new football uniforms over the weekend. The Tigers are headed to the Southeastern Conference and wanted to celebrate the new beginning with a new look.

The new look is contemporary styling of course. Gone is the block “M” on the helmets. A large, mean-looking Tiger is now the showcase of the helmets. The Nike uniforms feature uniforms shirts in gold, white and black. I don’t see a huge difference in the old uniform tops just the more modern look. The pants are pretty standard looking.

Missouri said that recruits are interested in uniform styles. I guess they want to think they are “styling” as the youth say. Does dressing for success include the style of college football uniforms? I hope college kids are smarter to select a school based on more than who has the coolest uniforms.

But in the grand scheme of things, Missouri has more challenges moving to the SEC than looking good in its uniforms. I can think of three easily: Alabama, Auburn and LSU. I don’t care how the Tigers look if they cannot become competitive with a talented SEC.

Missouri wants to keep people from saying it looked good in defeat. That will be a tall order in the SEC.

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