Monday, May 14, 2012

Big 12 Conference Needs to Step Up

Last week, I applauded the Big 12 Conference for hiring Bob Bowlsby as its new commissioner.

This week, I am thinking the Big 12 should act like a big-time conference.

The Big 12 signed a new television deal in the not-the-too-distance past. But let’s hope it provides the league with some big-time exposure. This has definitely not been the case in past arrangements. Every football and men’s basketball contest should be available somewhere on television. For example, Iowa State did not have all of its football games on TV last season. A key game with Missouri was not shown. There was really no excuse for that occurring.

Missouri will have all its games televised this season as it joins the SEC. The Big Ten makes sure its terrible football teams are even on television. That’s the beauty of having your own network.

Step up to the plate, Big 12 Conference. This is 2012 and the college sports arms race is leaving you behind. Get into the game.

P.S. The college sports scene is pretty thin in terms of news this time of year. If you follow my blog, you realize my postings have been thin too. I still hope to post 1-3 times a week but plan to become more frequent when the football season begins to spark interest in the late summer/early fall time period. Thank you for reading All About College Sports---Paul.

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