Monday, May 7, 2012

Bob Bowlsby is a Great Choice

The Big 12 Conference hit a home run last week when it hired Bob Bowlsby as new commissioner.

Twelve to 18 months ago it seemed everybody was fleeing the Big 12, now the conference lands one of the country’s most respected college athletics leaders.

Bowlsby did an outstanding job as athletic director at Stanford. He helped lead a program that stresses academics and athletics. Bowlsby could have stayed at Stanford probably for a long time, but apparently he wants the challenge of guiding a league that is finally heading in a positive direction.

Many wondered if the Big 12 would survive after Colorado and Nebraska left. Then Missouri and Texas A&M did the same. There were rumors that if Texas and Oklahoma left, it was the end of the league. But both schools recommitted. Now, TCU and West Virginia are coming on board this year. The skies are turning blue in Big 12 land.

Interim commissioner Chuck Neinas had a big hand in saving the conference. Bowlsby’s job is to make the Big 12 an elite league again. All signs point to that happening with this home run hire.

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