Monday, May 21, 2012

Florida State and the Big 12 Conference

If we have learned one thing over the years about collegiate sports, it is this: forget about conference loyalty.

Last week, Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) member Florida State made quite a stir. Is Florida State really satisfied in the ACC or does it have eyes for the Big 12 Conference?

This controversy all started when a Florida State Board of Trustee member said that he was unhappy with the ACC’s television contract. That sparked rumors of the Seminoles’ possible interest in the Big 12. Florida State officials denied any interest in moving to the league that features football powers Texas and Oklahoma.

So this rumor is either simply Internet-generated material or possible Florida State positioning. Could the Seminoles be playing this rumor to increase their power and possible revenue in the ACC? Or behind closed doors, is Florida State secretly interested in the Big 12 and hopes the affection is mutual.

Some say Florida State is upset with the ACC’s basketball focus. The Seminoles are mainly a football school and are working on getting back to national relevancy under coach Jimbo Fisher. But their men’s basketball program is quite competitive too. Just ask Duke and North Carolina.

So will this rumor die or continue to sprout? From the outside, I think Florida State is a good ACC fit. The Seminoles are geographically close to other conference members and they compete well athletically.

But really what do I know? I’m still trying to sort out why West Virginia decided to join the Big 12 Conference. I guess I just don’t understand geography.

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