Thursday, May 3, 2012

Larry Brown and SMU

The smoke has cleared in Texas. Larry Brown is the new basketball coach at SMU (Southern Methodist University).

Yes, that famous Larry Brown: the ultimate vagabond of basketball coaches. Frankly, I cannot recite how many coaching jobs these guy has filled in the college and professional ranks. He seems to get bored after a couple years and then takes his suitcase to the next coaching stop. But at age 71, Brown and his suitcase are probably getting tired. SMU may be his last stop.

Despite his change of address challenges, Brown is one of the most successful basketball coaches in the history of the game. He is the only guy to win both a NBA and NCAA championship. Brown can coach.

The SMU administration made this hire for two reasons: Brown’s successful track record and his name recognition. But if it is for the mainly the second reason, I still cannot blame the Mustangs.

Most people don’t know much about SMU basketball. They don’t know much about SMU athletics in general other than the football scandal that earned SMU the death penalty.

Basketball has been a non event for the Ponies. But they are joining the Big East Conference and the teams in that conference really play basketball. SMU wants Brown to make it competitive in the new league not a laughing stock. SMU wants Brown to put it on college basketball map.

Brown will probably accomplish the task if he stays long enough. SMU just needs to hide Brown’s suitcase.

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