Monday, June 18, 2012

NCAA New Ruling is Right

Often in this space, I scold the NCAA for its strange, weird, silly (you provide the adjective) rules. But the governing body of college athletics gets a high five on its recent ruling last week.

Coaches are now allowed to text message and telephone potential recruits until their ears or fingers fall off. With this decision, the NCAA recognizes the importance of modern day technology.

Coaches will still need discretion, but they can now skip the counting NCAA paperwork. Some players might not appreciate countless texts and calls, while others will enjoy the attention. As long as coaches discovery the particular perimeter for the particular player, coaches should benefit from this new freedom.

When the news broke last week, Kelvin Sampson’s name was immediately tied to the situation. Sampson, the former Oklahoma and Indiana coach, was essentially kicked out of the NCAA for excessive texts and calls. At least one sports talk guy was wondering Sampson’s thoughts on the changed rule.

But in reality it doesn’t matter now. Sampson broke the rules and he deserved to pay the price. Rules change, but people still need to obey the ones in force.

Just remember, dunking a basketball in a college game earned a technical foul back in the day.

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