Monday, June 4, 2012

Vanderbilt Coach Sticks Foot in Mouth

The national media seldom talks about Vanderbilt football because the Commodores are usually the doormat of the Southeastern Conference.

But that all changed last week when coach James Franklin spoke on a radio show. Franklin said that he would like to look at potential assistant coach’s wife before hiring the guy. Apparently, Frankin believes having a beautiful wife will give the assistant confidence on the recruiting trail.

Of course, later Franklin apologized and said he meant the comment as a joke. I’m surprised the National Organization of Women (NOW) didn’t lambast the guy.

Where do these coaches come up with this stuff anyway? Do they forget everything they learn in How to Handle Media 101?

Would Franklin like potential assistants to put Smokin’ Hot Wife on their resume? Maybe that can be a scan-friendly phrase.

Do you think it makes a difference to Johnny Quarterback if his future position coach has a beautiful wife? Does he compare the wives at say, Vanderbilt to those at Southern Cal or Alabama?

If you were a potential assistant coach would you want to work for Franklin? Can having a beautiful wife make you a better assistant coach?

I believe in the power of marketing, but the beautiful wife concept is one serious stretch.

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Anonymous said...

That is a good question--to elaborate: why would you want to work for this guy? In news stories, Franklin has said (to paraphrase) that he feels it takes a high level of self-confidence for a man to win over a beautiful woman. And, that he wants staff who have that much self-confidence.
My immediate thought after reading this was "it takes more self-confidence and a man who is secure in his masculinity to choose the average woman as a partner--he doesn't require a show-piece to prove himself." Faulty logic on Franklin's part. Nothing against having a beautiful wife but is shouldn't be a job requirement.