Monday, July 23, 2012

Penn State Football Takes Major Hit

The NCAA didn’t slam the Penn State football program with the death penalty Monday. It just seems like it.

Penn State will be crippled for the next four years specifically. The long-term ramifications could also become major.

Penn State must pay a $60 million fine. The Lions will also be absent from bowl games for four years. They will lose about 40 scholarships. They must also forfeit all victories from 1998-2011.

Usually, I think that win forfeiture is a non-issue but not this time. Coach Joe Paterno’s all-time victory total suddenly dropped from 409 wins to 298. This means Paterno is no longer the top winning coach in collegiate football.

Some say the current football players or coaches shouldn’t pay for the past sinners of Jerry Sandusky’s conduct and the cover-up. But, it the ‘ole one pays, they all pay scenario. Remember when you were in grade school and one kid got in trouble? Then the teacher determined all kids would miss recess that day. Same thing with Penn State.

The players do actually have an out. They can transfer to another school and play right away.

The NCAA has never punished a school for a non-rules breaking issue. Penn State is the new poster child. The message is clear: don’t ever become involved in a situation like Penn State.

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