Monday, July 16, 2012

Pity This Team's Fans

University of Indiana football doesn’t exactly strike fear in the eyes of its opponents. The Hoosiers are well known for their futility in winning games and their doormat status in the Big Ten Conference.

The last time Indiana participated in a bowl game was 2007. You guessed it: the Hoosiers lost 49-33 to Oklahoma State.

With mediocrity comes apathy. With apathy sometimes comes change. Change is the byword for the coaching job at Indiana. Kevin Wilson is the current guy in charge. In Wilson’s first year (2011), the Hoosier’s lone victory was over FCS (Football Champion Series) South Carolina State. Eleven times Indiana was a loser.

Wilson came to Indiana from Oklahoma. He wanted to bring some of that top-mindedness to Bloomington. But some of the Indiana players didn’t like that style. Consequently, those players are no longer with the team.

The good news is that Indiana’s chances for more victories in 2012 are pretty good. The bad news does anyone care?

The Hoosiers four non-conference games are winnable. They are home against Indiana State and Ball State and away at UMASS and Navy. The Big Ten slate will be rugged as always. Even in their home games (Michigan State, Ohio State, Iowa and Wisconsin), it is difficult to find a potential victory.

Wilson desires progress in 2012. Will there be enough progress to interest Indiana fans? That is the real question.

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