Monday, July 9, 2012

The Quarterback Competition

If the Iowa State preseason quarterback situation in 2012 looks similar to the 2011 preseason, it’s because it is.

Back in 2011, Steele Jantz, Jerome Tiller and Jared Barnett were all battling for the starting job. When Tiller became ineligible, it became a two-man race. As the season unfolded, both Jantz and Barnett spent time in the starter’s role. There was never a clear-cut favorite. Jantz developed a foot injury after beginning the season as a starter, and then Barnett took over. His shining moment was the upset victory over No. 2 Oklahoma State. But like Jantz, he struggled with occasions of ineffectiveness and was even pulled during the bowl game.

There is still no clear-cut favorite entering 2012. It’s still a two-man race. One thing that has changed from preseason 2011 is that Tiller now lines up at wide receiver.

Both Jantz and Barnett bring different talents to the Iowa State offense. Jantz is the better passer but can also do it with his legs. Barnett is better with his legs, but a weaker passer. Overall, Jantz seems the more complete quarterback.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if Iowa State takes a two-headed quarterback system in the season. Coach Paul Rhoads might play the guy with the momentum. This also means the guy without the momentum could receive the quick replacement.

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