Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Interesting Football Marriage

I said at the time Kansas announced its hiring of football coach Charlie Weis that it was an interesting hire. As Weis prepares his first Jayhawk team for the season, I still believe it is an interesting hire.

But I better define the word “interesting.”

Interesting could mean bad or good.

But in this case, my definition means strange. Why did Kansas really hire Weis? Was it for his average 35-27 overall college record? Was it because he is known as an offensive guru? Was it because he had notable success as New England’s offensive coordinator with a guy named Tom Brady as quarterback? Was it because of Weis’ name recognition?

I think it was the last one.

And why did Weis take the job? Was it for love he received from Kansas? Did he realize this job was coaching football at Kansas not basketball? Did he realize Kansas is a tough job in itself and made tougher in the rugged Big 12 Conference? Is he trying to remake his coach reputation after his difficult time at Notre Dame?

Again, I choose the last option.

The bottom line is we don’t know if Weis can become a successful college head football coach. One thing is sure: his Kansas experience will go a long way in determining the answer.

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