Monday, August 13, 2012

Can Anyone Defeat the SEC?

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) has been the dominating league in college football for numerous seasons. It seems when the national championship games comes around, the team opposite the SEC opponent is playing for second place.

The SEC has won the national championship game for an amazing six straight years. The last time the SEC didn’t win it was 2005. The reason: the league didn’t have a school playing in the game.

Since 2005, Florida and Alabama have each won two titles. LSU and Alabama have claimed one apiece.

But the real question is can anybody unseat the SEC in 2013?

USC is receiving No. 1 ranking love in various preseason polls. The Trojans return nine starters on offense from last season and seven on defense. USC boasts one of my talented players in all of college football this season: quarterback Matt Barkley. Its schedule seems favorable with probably the toughest games at home against Oregon and Notre Dame. But do the Trojans have enough depth still reeling a bit from sanctions? Also, what about their tendency to slip up against a lesser team?

I am a willing to cheer for any team including USC that will defeat a SEC squad in the national championship game. There is a real need in the college game to bring back some competitive balance.

What school do you think has a chance to dethrone a SEC team in the 2013 National Championship Game?

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