Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank-You Texas A&M

Texas A&M defeated mighty Alabama Saturday in Tuscaloosa and essentially ruined the Tide’s defense of their national title.

Oh sure, Alabama Coach Nick Saban was telling the football world after the game that the Tide still had a chance to play in the BCS title game with one loss. Maybe Saban does have a future in politics when his coaching gig is over.

But the best news about the Aggie upset is the Southeastern Conference’s stronghold on the BCS title game appears over. I think the league has furnished the BCS game with at least one representative in the last six title games.

Kansas State and Oregon are No. 1 and No. 2 in the BCS rankings now. Notre Dame, another undefeated team is No. 3. Alabama fell to No. 4 and needs at least two of the top three teams to lose.

Kansas State has the best opportunity to play in the championship game. The Wildcats play at Baylor and host Texas. That’s K-State’s remaining schedule because it plays no Big 12 Conference Championship game. Oregon plays two qualify opponents in Stanford and at Oregon State. The game against the Beavers should be particularly difficult. Independent Notre Dame should beat Wake Forest this Saturday and then have a battle at USC.

So yes, Nick, your team could still play for the championship, but the Tide needs lots of assistance.

The SEC has provided lots of vanilla and chocolate in the title games and its more than time to replace those flavors with some variety.

Thank you-Texas A&M.

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