Friday, December 21, 2012

Alabama's Nick Saban Rumor is Laughable

How do these rumors get started anyway?

Alabama Coach Nick Saban has been linked to the NFL again this week. I only read the headline. That story isn’t reeling me in, thank you.

Saban is a college coach, plain-and-simple. He has fielded championship-like teams at Michigan State, LSU and obviously Alabama. He has won national championships. He earns over $5 million dollars per year.

His NFL coaching experience with the Miami Dolphins spelled failure. Would more money convince Saban to return to the NFL? Is another $1-2 million the lure?

Saban is king at Alabama. The Tide even produced a Saban statue that sits outside the stadium. The Saban Alabama love is remarkable considering Bear Bryant once roamed the Alabama sideline.

NFL coaches aren’t loved. It’s a business and you better win.. Sure, college coaches sometimes are fired quickly, but there doesn’t appear the coldness in the college game compared to the NFL.

Some believe Saban has wondering eyes from his past and it would not surprise them if he bolts Alabama. But to me, Saban has found his final coaching resting place. And it’s hard to improve on the best place.

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