Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Too Many Bowl Games and ESPN Calls the Shots

It seems forever when the college football ball season spelled real enjoyment. The death of bowl season came with the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) and big-money television.

I still remember the good times. You could watch a few bowl games leading up to New Year’s Day and then have a glutton of games on the holiday. You watched so many games on New Year’s Day that eyes were sore before the Orange Bowl night game came about. But you didn’t want to miss New Year’s Day coverage because it was basically the end of the college football season.

Now, there are too many games, two many weak teams and two many nights. Almost every game has its particular time slot with no competing television games except the Sun Bowl. For some reason, the Sun Bowl remains a refection of the good bowl season.

These BCS games are nice but far from fan-friendly. Do you really want to watch college football for a week after New Year’s Day? ESPN basically loses me after Jan. 1. I might watch the National Champion Game if the teams interest me, but too many games and two many nights result in too much of a good thing.

My suggestion: be selective what you watch and protect your eyes.

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