Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alabama Provided Me a Favor

Alabama’s blowout victory over Notre Dame Monday night in the BCS National Championship game was a good thing.

Since Alabama took control of the game early I didn’t have to watch it to the end. The game was over by halftime and really in the first half. I tuned out at halftime and I imagine others did as well.

Therefore, I spent little emotional energy cheering for the Irish. None was required. While I watched, the only time the Irish fans were vocal came on official questionable calls. That’s what happens when the opponent performs like a surgeon and accomplishes the task quickly.

I was surprised Alabama was a 10-11 point favorite against the No. 1 team in the nation. Turns out even the odds makers were probably shocked with the outcome.

While the game was painless, the aftermath wasn’t. People are bringing up the dynasty word again after the Tide’s third national championship in four years. The SEC has also won seven straight BCS National Championships.

Streaks do come to an end however. But I better not find solace from any Chicago Cub fans.

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