Saturday, January 5, 2013

Cheering for Notre Dame in BCS Championship Game

I don’t really dislike Alabama. Oh wait, maybe I do. The Tide has won too much lately. It’s time to spread the wealth.

The fact Alabama is a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) doesn’t endear me to the Tide either. Yes, I get that the SEC is the best college football conference in the country. Ask the SEC or possibly ESPN, the league may be the best on the planet.

Since Notre Dame is playing Alabama for the national title Monday night, my pick therefore falls to the Irish.

Notre Dame is ranked No. 1 and considered the underdog in the game. The Irish has walked the high wire to an undefeated season. If they defeat Alabama, the title will be earned.

I wonder how many non-Notre Dame fans like me will cheer for the Irish. As I have mentioned before, Notre Dame was the New York Yankees of college football. In the past, either you loved them or hated them. No middle ground. But that stance may have softened a bit because the Irish have been terrible in recent seasons. A win Monday night however might institute that anti-Notre Dame stance in the near future.

Notre Dame needs to win for college football. The SEC has been strutting around like a bunch of roosters. It’s time the league becomes one of the regular chickens again.

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