Wednesday, January 23, 2013

College Football Teams Look for Gold

Two weeks from today (Feb. 6) is National Signing Day for college football. It’s a day when high school football players declare their love for a particular school and college coaches hope potential turns into results.

Some say recruiting is more important than the actual games in the fall. Recruiting sets up results in those games. That’s why football recruiting services try to sell fans their information and that’s why ESPNU has a day-long special on recruiting come Feb. 6.

The big boys like LSU, Alabama, Michigan, Florida State etc. will do well. These are established programs and players want to play for the top teams. The rest of the schools normally pick what’s left over. The real fear, however, is of the big boys coming in the last minute and taking a special player from a lower-tier-talent school.

Players can and will change their minds in these next two weeks. Until a player signs a commitment letter, they are free to go anywhere. So they are some nervous coaches still trying to hold on to players.

The game inside the game is generally fun, unless you are a coach on signing day left without a player who changes his mind near the end.

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