Friday, February 22, 2013

College Basketball Crunch Time

As the landscape in Iowa turned white overnight (yes, snow), let’s turn to something more positive: March Madness.

The regular season is quickly coming to an end. Some conferences hold their league tournament in early March and others wait about a week. Regardless of the dates, this is the time for all teams to make a move.

Some teams can handle the pressure, some cannot. For the NCAA bubble teams you either make your case now or stay home for NCAA tournament time.

Teams struggling need to turn it around. Each game is one game closer to either a good streak or a bad streak. Teams can make remarkable runs at this juncture or tank and finish with a bad taste.

One area the NCAA selection committee examines is the finish to a particular team’s season. Bubble teams that put together wins will receive utmost consideration. If you don’t win, the team puts itself on the mercy of the committee. And that’s a dangerous way to live.

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