Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Iowa State University's Special Place Basketball Place

I have written about Iowa State’s Hilton Coliseum before. “Hilton Magic” is popular term in this state coined by a former Des Moines Register sportswriter. The magic seems to propel the Cyclones to victory.

The magic is working especially well this season. Iowa State has yet to loss a game in the building.

I experienced Hilton Magic again in person last week. The mission was to watch the Baylor Bears oppose Iowa State. Baylor played with Iowa State for about 35 minutes before the Cyclones pulled away. Baylor knows too well Hilton Magic as the Bears have never won in Hilton in 10 or 11 tries.

The crowd was 14,000 plus and electric. At times, you couldn’t hear yourself think or talk to the person next to you. When Baylor shot free throws, the students waved signs and made extreme noise. When Iowa State shot a free throw, a “quiet” sign went up.

Home court is talked about all the time in college basketball. There are numerous tough places to play. But once again, I was reminded that Hilton Coliseum ranks next to the toughest in America.

Just ask Baylor.

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