Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kansas-Iowa State: A Heavyweight Match

If you missed the Kansas-Iowa State matchup Monday night on ESPN, you missed a heavyweight battle.

Both teams were trading punches throughout the evening. Kansas just came up with more of them and prevailed in overtime 108-96.

This was a fan’s game. If you enjoy defense, you needed to change the channel. Shots were raining from all over. The three-point ball was definitely in play. It looked and felt like a NBA game.

Iowa State tries to outscore opponents. The Cyclones have been pretty successful doing that but mighty Kansas didn’t play along. Kansas knew what to do in overtime. Iowa State seemed out of gas. When a talented team like Kansas plays in overtime, it’s usually bad news for the opposite. That was the case for Iowa State. It wasn’t even close.

Kansas can thank Elijah Johnson. Johnson was uncanny in the second half and overtime. The senior threw in 39 points and numerous three-point shots.

Iowa State had its chance in regulation. But the Cyclones let Kansas up from the canvas and their 22-game home winning streak was history.

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