Friday, February 8, 2013

Will the Rich Get Richer?

One of the sidebars of National College Signing Day this week has been the upcoming changes in NCAA football rules. The changes essentially occur for the 2013 season.

Schools will no longer need to monitor text messages or telephone calls because they will be unlimited. Schools can also hire additional staff to engage in the social media thing. Brochures can also return to the full-color spectrum of a number of years ago.

Some wonder if the schools with the big budgets will garner an additional advantage with the changes. But will this really help schools like Alabama, LSU, Florida, Michigan and Ohio State beyond their advantage already?

These schools and other big boy programs will always land most of the talented prospects. Simply put, the rich are rich and will also be rich. Opening these other avenues will basically help the NCAA because that body won’t need to monitor as closely anymore.

The other schools will still go after the less decorated prospects and hope to lure an occasional blue chip prospect. And really a text message is the same whether it comes from Alabama or Middle Tennessee State. Sure the brochures will look prettier but is that enough to get a kid to come to your school.

I guess we will find out as the changes actually occur. But don’t expect the rich to become poor. That I know.

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