Wednesday, February 13, 2013

International Olympic Committee Decision Causes Wrestling Uproar

I can count on two hands the number of wrestling stories I have written in my journalism career. But the decision to drop wrestling from the future Olympics has created a fierce storm in this part of the world.

The state of Iowa is a wrestling hotbed. The University of Iowa has won numerous national team and individual championships. Former Iowa coach Dan Gable is a wrestling legend through the world. Iowa State also fields competitive teams and has crowned many individual national champions. The Iowa high school state tournament (held this week) is a big deal too.

So if you thought the Iowa wrestling people were a little upset about the International Olympic Committee (IOC) decision that is an understatement.

Folks, I have never been into the sport of wrestling but it goes back to the days of the Greeks. Wrestling is an international sport, but not anymore according to the IOC.

The wrestling folks aren’t going to take this lying down (no pun intended). They would do well to tab Gable as their poster boy. Maybe bringing along some cash to the next Olympic meeting might also help.

These wrestlers are in for a tough fight. Once you render a major decision to take or replace something, it’s usually gone for life. But wrestlers are a feisty bunch and just maybe their can get the decision reversed.

There are some people in Iowa cheering for that decision.

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