Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy or Sad About NCAA Tournament Selections

If your team made the cut for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, I offer congratulations. If your team made it to one of the lesser tournaments, you have my sympathy.

If you’re a serious college basketball fan, today you are either happy or sad. There isn’t such a thing as middle ground.

The NCAA tournament is the gold standard. All other postseason tournaments are just tournaments. If your team is in March Madness, anticipation is high. Teams in the lesser tournaments are feeling jealousy and disappointment.

If I’m a fan of a team that didn’t make the Big Dance (and I’m there), I would almost wish the season was officially over because in reality it feels like it is. They can promote all those lesser tournaments as much as they want, it’s only fluff.

I will be cheering for my alma mater Iowa State in the Big Dance. The Cyclones oppose Notre Dame Friday. Memo to Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg: spend some quality in practice on the defense. Thanks.

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