Friday, March 1, 2013

March Madness 2013 Might Be Crazy

On the last day of February, No. 5 Duke falls to Virginia. The pattern continues. The mighty have fallen often in college basketball this season.

Could this be a preview of a crazy March Madness? Or with high expectations, will we be disappointment?

People say there is no clear cut favorite to become the Madness champion. Maybe we should just throw the school names in a hat and draw a winner. It would save money and stress.

I have a feeling that things are going to even out in the NCAA tournament. The so-called favorites will rise to the top. Upsets won’t happen as often as past seasons.

We have been conditioned in this regular season to expect upsets because they are happening frequently. But why are they happening. Is it because the talent is about equal? Could the home court and fan emotion play a big role?

I suspect the favored teams have been put on high alert. They have experienced the pain in the regular season. Their chests will become a little flatter in the postseason. Focus shouldn’t become a problem.

Plus, tournaments play on neutral courts. This favors the better team. Yes, there is emotion, but not as much. There are fewer props for the underdog. Talent rises on the neutral court.

Yes, it’s true: there is no dominant team this season. And the teams who come up short at the end will probably loss against a top contender not Cinderella.

*****I need to do some traveling and take care of some other matters, so my blog will go on a little vacation. I hope to be back again for the major conference tournaments. Enjoy the basketball everybody.


Anonymous said...

No.3 seed or lower is going to win the whole thing

Paul Delger said...

Could happen. No team should feel safe this tournament season