Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NCAA Basketball Tournament: Florida Gulf Coast

We all enjoy Cinderella in the NCAA basketball tournament. This year we have the ultimate Cinderella in Florida Gulf Coast.

A No. 15 seed has never advanced to the Sweet 16 in the history of the NCAA tournament until Florida Gulf Coast crashed the party.

This team didn’t follow the NCAA script. Usually underdogs surprise the favorite in their opening game. The underdog received national praise and talk and then goes quietly in the next round.

But will this feel-good story end Friday when the Gulf boys play big-bad Florida? You would like to see them continue the magic but with the strength of their opponent and natural pressure (as the stakes get higher) the odds are not in their favor.

The beauty is that the game will be decided between a couple of baskets and not in discussion groups.

Win or loss, Florida Gulf Coast Coach Andy Enfield will become a hot commodity. What big time program will want this guy and will he go? You would think the answer to the second question is “Yes.”

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