Friday, March 22, 2013

NCAA Basketball Tournament: Which Iowa State Team Tonight?

Iowa State fans want to know which Iowa State team will show up against Notre Dame in Round 2 of the NCAA men’s tournament late tonight.

When Iowa State has success on the three-point shot, the results are good. When Iowa State has difficulty connecting on the three-point shot the results are bad. The Cyclones are definitely a two-headed team.

Who wins the “style” battle will also play into the results. Iowa State obviously enjoys the up tempo pace, while Notre Dame prefers the grind-it-out philosophy.

Iowa State has been spotty on defense this season. The Cyclones play offense but struggle on defense. Tonight, might be a good time to pull out the defensive effort.

Iowa State has talented players, but point guard Korie Lucious should determine whether it’s the Cyclone’s night. Lucious was basically a non-factor in the recently completed Big 12 Tournament. He needs to score some points and also collect some assets. Lucious has previously NCAA experience with Michigan State and as a senior this is his last shot.

Cyclone fans hope the word “shot” is plural and not singular.

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